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The adventure started when I was asked an exhibition about one of the most famous African territories : the Okavango Delta in Botswana.
The Okavango is a river which never reaches the sea. Its risings flood the sands of the Kalahari desert, thus creating a delta of incomparable beauty and consequently an exceptionally rich biotope, an area where huge animal concentrations take place.

A preserved space so far, yet, today, it’s in jeopardy : indeed, starting from its source in Angola, the Okavango River is right amidst a dozen development plans.

Since the 1996 drought, Namibia has been studying the building of a pipeline toward the capital Windhoek, together with a hydroelectric dam project. In Botswana, the population increase in the Maun area, cattle breeding, agriculture and the constantly rising needs in water of Orapa diamond mines, all threaten the future of the delta.

This situation, revealing the frailty of the great ecosystems , determined the artistic orientation of my work for years to come : I decided to make animals’ portraits in black and white, emphasizing, by means of photographs with sepia colours like snapshots of the past, the dangers which hang over this exceptional fauna. My way of working which was first of all aesthetic, was also a means to remind mankind one more time of the heralded decline of big wild sanctuaries.

This work has been presented for the first time in the International Festival of Wildlife and Nature Photography in Montier-en-Der.
For several years, after other trips to Kenya, Tanzania and Madagascar, new pictures have enriched this collection. Now, the best of them have been gathered in the book
"Sauvages" published by Cacimbo Editions.